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Eastern Oregon  
Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon's beauty and unique history runs throughout the region. The heritage of our ancestors, Native Americans like Chief Joseph and pioneers coming over the Oregon Trail can be found throughout the region. You can also find stories about the lives of the cowboys, trappers and Japanese farmers; the trials and hardships they endured and how they worked to make their living are all a part of Eastern Oregon.  

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

McEwen Train Station

Haines Cattle History

When traveling around Eastern Oregon you must take time to visit some of Oregon's ghost towns like: Hardman and  Flora Oregon. Don't forget to take you camera and capture pictures of these wonderful old towns and buildings that tell many old stories. If you sat there and long enough you can imagine the families and what there life's were like during the years that the towns were active.

Homesteads in Haines, Oregon

Signs of the gold rush

The Chinese walls.

Eastern Oregon has a rich history of being the wild west. Gold fever brought many here to find a rich vein and make their mark. When the white man went broke, lost interest and moved on. Many Chinese took over and worked the streams to make a living. The Chinese walls are still visible to show where they dredged the streams.

Eastern Oregon is well known for its beautiful lakes, fast rivers, flat valleys, and tall mountains. Which await the intrepid explorer. Among the countless outdoor activities to be experienced are: camping, fishing, rafting, hunting, biking, hiking and much more.

Do you know where this stone is located?

Eastern Oregon has many museums. One of the many museums to visit would be the Kam Wah Chung Museum. Find out about this Chinese herbal doctor and his thriving business. See his office and home and learn about Kam Wah Chung's life during the early 1900's in Eastern Oregon. 

Take a journey to Vale, Oregon and view over 25 murals telling stories of the Oregon Trail, Pioneers and the early life of Vale. Or, you maybe you want to experience the town of Imnaha, it is known for UFO sightings, and the annual Rattlesnake and Bear Feed. If you like the wild west and rodeo's, then Pendleton, is the place to visit. You will also find an underground city that tell some very interesting stories of our past.

Here are some of  the many places to visit and points of interest in Eastern Oregon: You can visit the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument and learn about dinosaurs and other fossils that have been found here. The Blue Mountains, Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge and Umatilla National Forest are great places for you to explore.

Touring the Valley Bronze of Oregon in Joseph is something you and the entire family will want to visit. Artists from all over come to Joseph to have their master pieces bronzed.

The Hells Canyon National Recreation Area is rather unique and is within National Forest lands. This vast region will be a place you will never forget and will treasure these memories of you visit forever.

Make sure to take time when you travel through Eastern Oregon, do not rush through. It is one region that is vast, with mountains, rivers, lakes, ghost town and secrets for you to discover. You have to take time to do some exploring to really embrace Eastern Oregon.
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