Yamhill County Parks


Ediger Landing

Yamhill County has 15 county parks. They are: Blackwell, Charles Metsker, Dayton Landing, Deer Creek, Ed Grenfell, Ediger Landing, Huber, Power House, Juliette, Lafayette Locks, Menefee, Monroe Landing, Rogers Landing Stuart Grenfell, and the Wrex Cruse Park. Ediger Landing is a very popular Willamette River beach access and has a boat ramp to launch: fishing boats, rafts, kayaks and canoes. It is a undeveloped park. You will not find picnic tables or restrooms at this park. You will find it to be a point of interest for many travelers, it is located next to the Wheatland Ferry. There are not many operating ferry's left in Oregon. The Wheatland Ferry takes travelers across the Willamette River throughout the year. The Willamette River is the nation's thirteenth-largest river. You will find this is a great place to bring your fishing pole. Ediger Landing is located 9.5 miles south of Dayton on Hwy 221. You need to turn east onto Wheatland Ferry Road and go 1.2 miles. The boat landing is just north of the ferry.

Dayton Landing

This un-signed county park can be found at the northeast end of Ferry Street that runs through downtown Dayton. It is located five miles upstream from the Willamette River at the confluence of the Yamhill River and Palmer Creek. This park is not a fully developed park with picnic tables and restrooms. It is an area for doing a little fishing and it does have a boat ramp. Many come to Dayton Landing to do some canoeing or kayaking or to launch their fishing boats to travel up and down the Yamhill River.  

Huber Park

This park is located along Baker Creek 6.2 miles west of McMinnville. It has a grassy area with picnic tables and barbeques. It sits on the bank of the creek with a secluded rock beach. This small park is a great place for a quite picnic with your family on a hot sunny day. It is surrounded by trees that supply a cool shaded area to relax in. There are rustic restrooms here in this quaint country park.

Ed Grenfell Park

Traveling west on Baker Creek Road you will find Ed Grenfell Park. This park has grassy fields and walking bridges that stretch across Baker Creek. The creek runs through the park giving the park lots of charm. It is a great place for a family gatherings. There are many tables and barbeque grills scattered throughout the park along with a covered picnic area. When the picnic is over you can have some fun at the horse shoe pits. This park does have restrooms.

Powerhouse Park

Powerhouse Park is a unsigned and undeveloped park. It is located on the bank of Baker Creek. You can find this park 7.2 miles west of McMinnville at the corner of Baker Creek Road and Powerhouse Hill Road. You will see a powerhouse building to the right of Powerhouse Hill Road as soon as you turn off Baker Creek Road. There are no restrooms or picnic tables. It is a little over grown but, fun to see a building that was part of where McMinnville's electical power once came from.

Juliette Park

Juliette Park is located on Baker Creek Road. It is 1.3 miles past Powerhouse Hill Road. It is a unsigned and undeveloped park. On the left side of the road is a wide area to park your car in the middle of the park. You will discover some of the relics of McMinnville's first electric generating plant that was built in 1900 just below where your car sets. Hidden among some old trees is a wonderful old dam with the water flowing down on one side of the dam. This site is a very picturesque area. Just west of the dam you will see a walking bridge. Just up the road from your car you will find a small path that will take you through the woods to this old walking bridge that goes nowhere. The scenery is beautiful with wide areas of water from the creek that is surrounded by lush trees.  There are no picnic tables or restrooms at this park.

Rogers Landing

This is one of Oregon's premier boat landings. It is on the bank of the Willamette River with a three-lane boat launch. The park has picnic tables, restrooms and areas for fishing. There is a large parking lot with a view of the river. Each Memorial Day weekend Rogers Landing has boat races that are free for the public to embrace. The park is off Hwy 99W on the edge of Newberg. Turn south on River Street cross the railroad tracks and turn left at the intersection of River and 14th Street.  The park sits at the bottom of the hill. It is a great place to bring you lunch and watch the river flow by.

Meneffe Park

Meneffe Park can be found by turning northwest off Hwy 47 onto Pike Road, about 4.5 miles this road will become Turner Creek Road . The park entrance is 8.5 miles from the city of Yamhill. As you reach the park you will see a charming setting among a grove of mature Western redcedar trees. This is a great place for a secluded picnic. There is a walking bridge that takes you across Turner Creek. There are picnic tables and restrooms here at Meneffe Park.

Lafayette Locks Park

  This park is listed on the National Historic Register. There are still remains from the old locks that once permitted boats to navigate up the Yamhill River to McMinnville. It  is located 1/2 mile east of Lafayette on Hwy 99 W. Turn south onto Locks Loop Road, continue one mile to the park entrance. There are picnic tables, barbeque grills and a covered picnic area. It has a small playground and there are restrooms. Tall Douglas-fir trees are scattered throughout the park. Walking paths are located along the banks of the Yamhill River. Many visitors bring their fishing poles or a great book for a relaxing day. If you are a history buff this is a park that you will want to visit. There is a large sign with history facts of the locks once known by local residents as the Yamhill Locks.

Monroe Landing

This is a small, undeveloped park along the South Yamhill River. There are not restrooms or picnic tables. The access is currently restricted. This park is found on Hwy 99W, 4 miles south of McMinnville and located at Whiteson Landfill on Riverbend Road.

Stuart Grenfell Park

  Just 2.7 miles west of Sheridan on Hwy 18 turning south onto Harmony Road, you will find Stuart Grenfell Park. This park is in the middle of maple, cottonwood and ash trees. It is on the banks of Mill Creek. There are picnic tables, barbeques grills and restrooms. You can also bring your fishing pole and try your luck in Mill Creek.

Wrex Cruse Park

This is a undeveloped park. The park has a picnic table but, no restrooms. It is on the the hillside and offers you a view of the western edge of the Willamette Valley. It is a great place to take a few pictures. To find this park you need to travel on Hwy 47 to Cove Orchard. It is 2.5 miles northeast of Yamhill.

Deer Creek

  Deer Creek can be found in Gopher Valley 2 miles northeast of Sheridan. Travel on Hwy 18 turn north onto Gopher Valley Road and continue 5.5 miles to the signed gravel road that leads to the park. This park is the largest wet prairie ecosystem in the lower Willamette Valley. It is located at the confluence of Cronin Creek and Deer Creek. It attracts regional attention each spring when native wildflowers bloom. The park has a grove of old Oregon ash trees that shade the park for picnickers. It is a great place to have a barbeque and to capture the beauty of the trees and wildflowers with your camera. This park has picnic tables and restrooms.

Charles Metsker Park

Charles Metsker Park is a gated park and a environmental study area.. It is open to chaperoned, organized youth groups. The park is located on Baker Creek just 9.2 miles west of McMinnville on Baker Creek Road. There is a one mile interpretive trail that circles Rainbow Lake, which is a old mill pond on Baker Creek.  There are covered picnic shelters, picnic tables, a nature path and restrooms. This is a very beautiful park to take pictures and do some fishing.

Blackwell Park

  Located 4.5 miles north of Willamina on banks of Willamina Creek you will find Blackwell Park. It sits among a grove of Oregon white oak trees at the bend of the creek. Next to a shady picnic area you will find a wide pool in the creek that invites you to enjoy the view or do a little fishing. This park has restrooms, barbeque grills and picnic tables.