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Oregon Coast Tours 

Enjoy a peaceful walk on the beach, search for one of the hidden glass balls, or marvel at the seashells washed ashore. Witness Oregon lighthouses and gift shops, and maybe even sneak a peek of a whale or two. Discovering the Oregon Central Coast is a fun adventure. Capture the view and embrace a seafood meal while enjoying the day. 

Discover the history and the sites of the Northern Oregon Coast. You will have the opportunity to learn about Lewis and Clark and explore locations such as the Cape Mears Lighthouse. Dip your toes in the sand at Cannon Beach and discover the ocean organisms nestled within Hay Stack Rock. There is so much to discover.


The Southern Oregon Coast is also breathtaking, with many fun sights to see. There are quaint coastal villages with fun shops and harbors for fishing boats. Did you know a dinosaur or two can be found in the rainforest in Southern Oregon, along with the sea lion caves and much, much more?


  • Private tours start at the rate of $95.00 per hour for groups of up to 4 guests.

  • ​​

  • Prices vary for multi-day, overnight stays, and destination tours in different regions of Oregon. These multi-day private tours are all-inclusive with a per-person rate adjusting to you customizing the activities and experiences you wish to enjoy. This also includes the Southern Oregon Coast Tours. 

​When you make your reservations, we will ask you what you wish to see and do on your tour. We will also ask you what type of lunch you would like and about any food allergies. 

We look forward to your visit to Oregon.  

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