​Sightseeing  Tours

Come along with us and have some fun! Take an Oregon excursion to Central Oregon, Eastern Oregon, Mount Hood & Columbia River Gorge, Oregon Coast, Portland, Southern Oregon or the Willamette Valley.

We offer sightseeing tours around Oregon to all seven regions. Depending on the area you wish to visit and the activities will request. Your tour can range from one day tours to an extended tour with multi-days and overnight stays. 

While you are sightseeing you can visit waterfalls, caves, covered bridges, train rides, fishing and even a visit to the Oregon coast. There are wineries, breweries, and distilleries throughout Oregon along with beautiful gardens. 


If, you find items that you would like to purchase while exploring and shopping ... Oregon has no sales tax.

When you customize your tour the prices will adjust to the type of tour you are requesting. 


Depending on the airlines you may be flying with…. Some airlines will fly Oregon’s wines free or as a second bag if you are wanting to take some wine home with you on the plane. Check with your airlines on their second bag policy. Let us know if you in need of a shipping box for taking wines home. Wineries do have shipping boxes.


We look forward to your visit to Oregon's.


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