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About Us & Our Vision

Our story began in 2001 as a new idea and became a reality in 2002 when we successfully went live on the internet. My name is Sherry Parker and I am a fifth-generation Oregonian.


I had the big dream to show off Oregon by featuring the many amazing activities that take place throughout the year. With the help of friends and family, our website grew to show wonderful events and attractions with spectacular destinations within the state of Oregon.

One day, we suddenly started to receive phone calls inquiring about tours for Oregon events. Folks from all around the world were interested in joining our tours. They had a desire to experience the events and attractions that we had to offer. That was the beginning of our journey; giving tours around our beautiful state of Oregon.

Today, we operate several types of guided tours from sightseeing to wine tasting. We travel throughout the state visiting all seven of Oregon's diverse regions.

We enjoy showing visitors from all over the world our unique and wonderful state. We look forward to meeting and spending time with you on our exciting Oregon adventures.

Our vision is to help our customers embrace Oregon as we do. Letting you experience the picturesque views, Oregon's history, landmarks, and outdoor adventures.

​Our commitment is to satisfy our customers' touring, sightseeing, and vacation needs by giving the best customer service possible. We want each customer to have a great time that is interesting, enjoyable, and relaxing on your Oregon adventure with us.

​We look forward to having the opportunity to provide you with an unforgettable Oregon experience.

​We do have fun in Oregon!

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