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Lunch Box Menu Options

Lunch Box Options 


Each lunch box serves one person —

$ 20.00 per box.
Payment is due on the date of the tour.

  • Option 1: Charcuterie Plus Box 

  • Option 2: Whole Sandwich, chips, and a cookie.

  • Option 3: ½ Sandwich, salad, chips, and a cookie.

Lunch Box Option 1 

Charcuterie Plus Box 

  • Fruit,

  • Veggies,

  • Dips,

  • Cheeses,

  • Meats,

  • Baguettes, or Gluten Free Crackers,

  • Cookie, or Gluten Free Cookie,

  • Dark chocolate kisses.

Lunch Box Option 2

Whole Sandwich Box 

  • Whole Sandwich from list

  • Pickle

  • Chips 

  • Cookie

  • Dark chocolate kisses.

Lunch Box Option 3

  Half Sandwich & Salad Box 

  • Half Sandwich from the list

  • Mixed Green Salad - (Dressing from the list.)

  • Pickle

  • Chips

  • Cookie 

  • Dark chocolate kisses.

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Sandwiches Bread Options

 Whole or Half Sandwiches 

  • Sandwiches are crafted with herb mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, and alfalfa sprouts

 Bread choices:

  • Multi-grain wheat,

  • sourdough,

  • white,

  • rye swirl,

  • pita pocket,

  • bagel,

  • baguette,

  • croissant, 

  • Gluten free

#1  Smoked Turkey Sandwich
Served with cream cheese and cranberry relish.

#2  Avocado Sandwich
Cream cheese, cucumbers, olives and sunflower seeds.


#3  Roasted Chicken Sandwich
Served with provolone cheese and walnut basil pesto.

#4  Marinated Baked Tofu Sandwich
Served with fresh vegetables in our tahini dressing.

#5  Black Forest Ham Sandwich
Served with Havarti cheese and honey Dijon mustard.

#6  Focaccia Sandwich
Roasted eggplant, hummus, cucumber, tomato and onions on focaccia bread.

#7  Tuna Sandwich
Albacore tuna with green olives and pickles.


Salad Dressing Options

  • Ranch

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • Italian

  • French 

We do have fun in Oregon! 

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