​Waterfall Tours

Would you like to explore some of Oregon's spectacular scenic waterfalls like the well known Multnomah Falls? We can make that happen. 


The Willamette Valley has 10 gorgeous waterfalls within a seven-mile area at Silverfalls. There are lush forests, many native plants and you might even see some wildlife. As we explore you can see the historic lodge and even check out the gift shop. 


The Columbia River Gorge not only has scenic views and historic landmarks it also has views of beautiful waterfalls. Bring your camera for there are views of the Columbia River that are breathtaking. You can enjoy wildflowers and even have a picnic or have lunch in the Historic Multnomah Lodge. 

  • Private tours are $75.00 per hour for groups up to 4 guests.

  • Private tours are $120.00 per hour for groups of up to 10 guests. 

  • Prices vary for multi-days, overnight stays, and destination tours in different regions of Oregon. These private tours are all-inclusive with a per-person rate adjusting to you customizing the activities and experiences you wish to enjoy. 

  • Let us know when you make your reservations if you would like a snack lunch or a visit to one of the local eateries on your private day tour.  

Each of these waterfall areas will allow you some easy to moderate hiking along with some viewing areas from the road. You can choose the level of activity you would like to do.  

​If you find items that you would like to purchase while exploring and shopping ... Oregon has no sales tax.

When you customize your tour the prices will adjust to the type of tour you are requesting. 


If you find items that you would like to purchase while exploring and shopping ... Oregon has no sales tax.

Depending on the airlines you may be flying with…. Some airlines will fly Oregon wines free as a second bag if you are wanting to take some Oregon wine home with you on the plane. Check with your airlines on their second bag policy.


Let us know if you're in need of a shipping box for taking wines home with you. Wineries do have shipping boxes and they will ship their wines for you.


We look forward to your visit to Oregon's.


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