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Exploring Willamette Valley's Boutique Wineries

As we continue to explore and discover new hidden gems of Oregon's Willamette Valley Wine Country, we want to celebrate The Willamette Valley AVA's 40th Anniversary. It is all about those Mico climates and the terroir that makes Oregon's wines unique. The Willamette VAlley is rocking on 700 wineries.

Join us as we continue our journey through Oregon's wine country to find more of those hidden gems.

At Comprise Vineyard & Winery, guests are treated to a tranquil setting and a diverse selection of varietals. Not only will you sip on award-winning Pinot Noir, but you also get to experience delicious Syrah and spicey Tempranillo.

A few miles away in the Ribbon Ridge AVA is another boutique winery with a stunning vista; Eminent Domain Vineyard & Winery impresses with its elegant wines and dedication to craftsmanship. 

Stay tuned... We have just begun our Oregon adventures. 


Visiting Oregon’s wine country is fun any time of the year, rain or shine.

We do have fun in Oregon!

Visit us on our website, be our friend on Social media, or call us: (503) 474-0762

We look forward to hearing from you.


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