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Our Day On The Columbia River

Everyone is excited to take a cruise on this historic Columbia River Sternwheeler. When you are traveling on the sternwheeler, you can imagine what it was like to travel by boat on the Columbia River back in the 1800s. What a great adventure.

During our cruise, we were able to view many different species of birds and wildlife along the river. The travel downstream took us to the Bonneville Dam, and upriver we traveled under the Bridge of Gods to the Hood River area.

We enjoyed hearing about the river and learning more about this area of Oregon. All along the river, we saw Native American fishing platforms and a few people fishing. The Columbia River is a fun place for many different water sports, everything from kayaking to windsurfing.

Everyone had a wonderful time on our cruise on the Columbia River. The Columbia River Gorge has so much for you to see and do. What a great adventure for all ages.

We do have fun in Oregon!

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